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Please take the following steps before contacting us if you are having problems loading the chat room, the chat room keeps freezing or you keep getting disconnected

1/ Please ensure you have the latest Java. You can verify if you have the latest version of java by visiting this link:

2/ Diagnose and repair your internet connection. Sometimes you will be surprised you may even find a fault with your internet connection you aren't aware of

3/ It is possible that you're using a connection that is restricted by a firewall, router, or corporate internet security device. In this case, your connection may be proxied through a web tunnel which can cause lag.

4/ If the Chat room fails to load after you have confirmed and installed the latest Java, clear your browsers Cache and cookies, close your browser window and reload. To do this press ctrl + Shift + Del together, tick cookies and cache boxes, click delete and/or clear

5/ If Friendly Chat still fails to load or you have any other questions please use the contact form below.

Warning: Inappropriate use of this contact section will result in a ban from the chat room. This is merely a help section only. All IP's are recorded!
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